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Larixon Classifieds is a network of classified advertising platforms in some of the world’s fastest-growing internet markets. We are currently operating market-leading general classifieds in Mongolia, Tajikistan, Cyprus, Trinidad&Tobago and Jamaica with more markets and categories in the pipeline.

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Marketplaces in some of the world's fastest-growing internet markets​​ Transport vertical
Is the third-most populous Anglophone country in the Americas after the United States and Canada. ​Major sectors of the Jamaican economy include agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism, and financial and insurance services.

Population 2,890,000
Household consumption $11.4B
GDP per capita $5,100
Internet penetration 44%
JAMAICA General Classifieds
A twin island country in the Caribbean, has the third highest GDP per capita in the Americas after the United States and Canada. T&T is the most developed nation and one of the wealthiest in the Caribbean.

Population 1,354,000
Household consumption $15.39B
GDP per capita $15,800
Internet penetration 73%
TRINIDAD&TOBAGO General classifieds
A historical Mediterranean island country with strong links to both the UK and Greece enjoys a prosperous and well-diversified economy.

Population 1,141,000
Household consumption $13.9B
GDP per capita $23,500
Internet penetration 81%
CYPRUS General classifieds
A picturesque mountainous country in Central Asia with the youngest and fastest-growing population in the region.

Population 8,610,000
Household consumption $6.38B
GDP per capita $795
Internet penetration 21%
TAJIKISTAN General classifieds
A country with rich history, amazing culture and fascinating natural beauty shares its borders with China and Russia. Rich with natural resources and human capital, in 2009-2013 it became one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

Population 3,081,000
Household consumption $5.92B
GDP per capita $3,690
Internet penetration 22%
We appreciate the fact that classified advertising is the “winner takes all” industry. That’s why all our assets enjoy absolute leadership in their countries. Not only do we run countries’ leading marketplaces, but our projects are also the biggest local websites in their countries, sharing their place in the Top Ten with Google, Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia and other global brands.

We believe that by creating marketplaces of such scale, we enrich local economies and people by providing them with an opportunity to trade with each other in a more efficient way. We give them a tool which never existed before and which enables them to reach out to anyone in their country.

We believe that local knowledge is key to our business, which is why in every country we partner with local entrepreneurs who feel their market, people and culture. It helps us grow faster, capitalising on the insights not visible to the outsider.

While proud of being deeply local in our markets, we are also proud of sharing our business and technology expertise between the markets. Technology management is centralised in our development centre in Russia, staffed by top-quality engineers.

Our Vision

Our Values

There is one more thing we share from one market to another — the values we believe in:
and security

Trust is a crucial element of our marketplaces, and that’s why all of our adverts are carefully moderated by the experienced team of content-managers and our proprietary automated quality-control algorithms. Sometimes our moderation policies may seem too strict, but we are certain—content quality makes us stand out and provides that unique experience that makes users come back again. We take privacy very seriously: users’ personal data is always protected and never exposed. We also design the platform with family values in mind, so our users can be sure any family member can use our service safely.
People over businesses

We make marketplaces for simple people; our aim is to enable anyone with internet access to trade with others. We make sure our platform works for a broad audience rather than a few paying customers.
Accessbility for everyone

Our service is free for private advertisers and always will be. People without desktop and laptop computers use our mobile apps and websites on their smartphones and feature phones. They don’t have to have expensive devices to enjoy the benefits of our platform. In fact, more than 80% of our users access the platform with their mobile devices.

We understand our users may not always have access to fast internet. They may also not be the most tech-savvy people in the world. Therefore it is our priority to develop our technology so that it stays very fast and simple to use for anyone. Our team of top engineers is always there to make sure of it.


If you are running a classified advertising website or app and feel you could benefit from our expertise, investment or technology, feel free to get in touch. We always welcome a good conversation with motivated local entrepreneurs and are looking to find ways to cooperate.

Our Team

  • Evgeny Ostrovskiy
    CEO, co-founder, LinkedIn
  • Andrey Dobrynin
    Co-founder, LinkedIn
  • Sergey Amirov
    Co-founder, LinkedIn
  • Alexander Basanov

    Chief technology officer
  • Ruslan Shagiakhmetov
    Chief Sales Officer
  • Munkhbaatar Tsogtsaikhan
    Head of, Mongolia
  • Jahongir Zabirov
    Head of, Tajikistan
  • Christos Kyliakoudis
    Head of, Cyprus team
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