Nizhny Tagil, Russia

Nyzhny Tagil is a city in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia. It is located 25 kilometers east of the virtual border of Europe and Asia. It is the large industrial center of the Middle Urals. Because of its location, it is ideal for mining and smelting of ores, abound by other resources such as rivers and forests. Industries includes metallurgy, engineering, chemistry and metal works. 

There are a total of 606 manufacturing firms in the city, one of which is the largest producer of modern tanks, Uralvagonzavod. The manufacturing company is the main producer modern tanks for the Soviet Block and now for Russia and the surrounding states. This is where the T-72, T-90 and T-14 are produced. Nyzhny Tagil is also home to one of the largest steel manufacturer in Russia, Nyzhny Tagil Iron and Steel Plant

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