Central Asia is a rapidly growing region, after the economic crisis, social unrest and collapse of the Soviet Union. The region is rich in natural and agricultural resources, all waiting to be untapped and developed. Larixon is in the forefront of this developing region, assisting more than a hundred companies in tapping talented professionals from countries of Central Asia using HR Technology via the internet and assisting more than 100 companies with their Human Resources requirements.

Using HR technology to this process we call online outsourcing, screen and interview applicants, distribute information through private networks using the web, and create organizational charts.  Thus we involve not just our employees but our clients, partners, supplier and their families as well. We offer total integration of requirements into the system of our clients for productivity and efficiency of employees.

Our experts are fully aware of the importance of matching clients’ needs with the talented people and provide the technology needed to make it work for both the company and the individual employees.