Founded in 2004 in Ekaterinburg, Russia Larixon’s has quickly become the leader in the local job search market. Today 84% of local businesses use to find and recruit employees. 58% of working-age population regularly update their CVs in website’s database.  

Following the success of its business in Ekaterinburg, Larixon started scaling into adjacent regions of Russia and developing countries of Central Asia. Nowadays Larixon is a company with more than 50 staff across 4 offices, it manages 5 category leading websites in 4 different countries:

  • in Ekaterinburg, Russia;

  • in Nizhniy Tagil, Russia;

  • in Azerbaijan;

  • in Kyrgizstan;

  • in Uzbekistan

We focus on exciting countries with amazing potential. Our markets are among the world’s fastest growing economies, with high percentage of urban population, high internet penetration growth rates, very high levels of literacy and good education standards. They have high levels of business activities, growing industrial sectors as well as highly active small and medium enterprises. Our markets appeal to many international businesses due to a number of substantial projects in oil, gas and other natural resource industries.